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What kind of issues can QHHT hypnosis help resolve?

QHHT hypnosis can help with the following areas:

Adjustment: insomnia, weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, addiction, procrastination, depression

Balance: emotions, yin and yang, qi and blood, energy, interpersonal relationships

Healing: various physical illnesses, internal trauma, event impacts

Answers: internal confusion, life confusion, dream analysis, financial situation

Elimination: fear, worry, inferiority, self-blame, guilt, and sin

Clearance: possession, negative energy, and transformation

Relief: vows and commitments, outdated belief systems, soul sealing

Connection: ancestral energy, deceased loved ones, aborted children, multidimensional spiritual bodies, high-frequency beings, inner children, advanced wisdom

Activation: chakras, DNA, talents, soul journey, identity traits

Enhancement: inner strength, mental hierarchy

Insight: life blueprint, earthly tasks, life mission, karmic cycles, secrets of the universe, inner path

Guidance: future career and life

If you are interested in hypnosis or need hypnosis, I am in Fremont, Northern California, and look forward to meeting you. My WeChat ID is Bamboo_Juice.

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