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[Case Story] Resented you for forty years, but you turned out to be my choice.

The Link

Although we hadn't met in person, he trusted me from the moment we made contact. He said that being a quantum hypnotherapist was a career that helps ordinary people find their life purpose and value. This touched me deeply, and his trust would lead to a profound hypnosis experience.

The Challenge

Before we met, we had a brief conversation, and he was mostly interested in exploring the mysteries of the universe's time and space. But another point was hard to ignore, and although he didn't talk much about it, I could feel the deep sense it brought him. That was the fact that for forty years, he couldn't understand his father.

During our hypnosis session, we quickly discussed this challenge, and he described his father's impression left on him:

"When I was underage, my dad had serious verbal and physical violence issues. He would find fault with everything, hitting and cursing at people every day. I was often beaten and abused by my father, and I was in a state of fear and vigilance for a long time. I faced his menacing knife many times, scared out of my wits, and no one could stop him, including my mother. In 1998, I was diagnosed with severe depression and have been treated for years, but still have symptoms of OCD."

He was humorous and kind-hearted in his speech, appearing to be an optimist, but when he recalled this memory, he suddenly stopped laughing, his body trembling slightly, and he fought back the tears.

His father could be said to be his nightmare, a boulder that pressed on his heart. Even though his small family was happy and he had been with his wife and children for many years, the home in his heart couldn't be rebuilt, and there was always a cold place there, which only he knew about.

After learning about quantum hypnosis, he saw hope. So many people had solved the mystery of life after being hypnotized and started a new life. He was eager to transform himself like this, to completely break free from the shadows of his past, and to live happily.

The day before the hypnosis, he left me a message: "Do your best." I replied, "Let's face it with an open mind."

Only with an open mind can we be receptive to learning. Each hypnotized person is unique, and their subconscious will teach them according to their growth process. Quantum hypnosis is a customized course.

Together, we stepped into the classroom.

The Session

Just entering the hypnotic state, he saw an eggshell unexpectedly. The black eggshell blocked the sunshine, leaving him in the shadow, feeling stuck in his heart.

Until the eggshell left, the atmosphere became cheerful and he felt the shining light was filled with love. Then he quickly switched to a certain period in the Ming Dynasty, where he saw himself as a happy villager who worked in the fields and enjoyed the sun every day.

However, before he could fully experience happiness, the scene changed, and he passively observed, as if he understood something. Suddenly, from joy to sorrow without any sign, he burst into tears and cried out,

"It hurts so much! (crying) The house was flooded, lonely, helpless, and worried. My child was drowned by the water. I miss them so much (crying)...I'm the only one left."

His emotions were so real, accompanied by the sound of weeping and the continuous tapping of his hands and feet on the hypnotic bed, just like the despair and helplessness when we truly lose our loved ones in real life.

He lived his life alone until the end, and his wife had already passed away in another event. On his dying day, he still wept, "I miss the ones who passed away. I am very lonely, living with an empty heart, and I feel uncomfortable (crying)... The dearest ones have left. It's too heartbreaking, with no family. I am all alone (crying)... We can never be together again (crying)... I am in pain, and life is hard. My hands are full of calluses..." "Accompany them well. Your greatest happiness is being with them. Nothing else is important (crying)... Learn to cherish them..."

Because he felt that the loved ones he lost were the family of this life, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of accompanying family members and that nothing else matters.

With the deepening of hypnosis, more information automatically emerged. He saw the life before the flood, his wife, and daughter in that era. Instantly, his tone became lighter.

"My daughter is playing on the ground by herself. My wife is very beautiful, virtuous, knowledgeable, and well-mannered. She's wearing a long dress, which is different from this life, but we're very happy. She...seems a bit melancholy, why does it seem similar to me in this life..."

When he saw his wife, he immediately sensed her entire state, including her mindset. He slowly described to me the wife in that life:

Hypnotist: What makes her melancholy?

Him: She seems to be thinking about her mother.

Hypnotist: Is her mother far away?

Him: Not far. She misses her but doesn't want to go back.

Hypnotist: Is there a reason she doesn't want to go back?

Him: (Observing)...Her mother is very fierce...Ah, it's my father...

He observed and sensed that the mother of his wife in that life was his father in this life. This kind of induction often occurs during hypnosis. He focused on the scene and continued to obtain information.

Him: She doesn't want to go back. She's afraid of her mother. It's a bit similar to my experiences in this life. She lives in great pain.

Hypnotist: How does she feel being with you?

Him: She's very happy being with me, just like in this life. She doesn't want to go back home. In this life, my father is very afraid of her, and I don't know why? (As he said this confusion, the answer surfaced). (Observing)...He (once) angered her...I let you treat me this way! I let you!...(He imitated the angry voice of his wife in the scene) You're too harsh on me! I can't stand it anymore!... (Observing) Ah...her hands are covered in blood, and her mental state is a bit abnormal. She couldn't bear her mother's pressure anymore.

Hypnotist: What did she do to her mother? With this question, the key point of the day arrived.

Him: She lived in great oppression because she couldn't bear her mother's treatment. She killed her mother and then turned herself in to the authorities... (Observing)...Wife, let me take on all of this in this life for you (his emotions once again got out of control and he cried)...You don't have to suffer so much...It's too painful...Let me take it on for you...But I can't take it anymore... (Sinking to an extreme low) You hurt my wife, hurt me, how can you be like this? You're a beast, you're not human! (He accused his father, who was his mother-in-law in that life). You have hurt so many people, not just many people...

At this point in the hypnosis, his problem seems to have been solved. It turns out that the father who brought him a terrible experience was chosen by himself! However, quantum hypnosis is far more meaningful than we can imagine. This customized classroom learning has just begun from here.

The Tranfermation

I tried to lead him to understand the issues between the mother and daughter in that past life, but he said there was no need to. This scene was so intense, don't we need to know the reason behind it?

Suddenly, and unexpectedly, he changed personalities and became his father, speaking in a contemptuous and arrogant tone, and was also very self-assured.

The following dialogue involves three characters: him, his father, and the hypnotist.

Father: What can you do to me? I am who I am. Whoever disagrees can come at me, I'm not afraid of you!

Him: Why are you like this? Why haven't you changed in your whole life? Everyone is trying to help you, why won't you change?

Father: I was never really a human being. I am just an animal. You guys still treat me like a human. Hahaha, what can you do to me? I'll make you taste my power. You guys hurt me before too, who asked you to do that?

Hypnotist: How did they hurt you before?

Father: Uh... it's just something I imagined. No one hurt me. It's just something I like to imagine. I like to assume things. I just like it this way!

Him: Why did you hurt my wife and hurt me again?

Father: I just like it this way. I just like it.

The father's tone was like a spoiled child, and it was basically impossible to reason with him. He continued to talk to his father:

Hypnotist: Can you see what state you and your father are in towards each other?

Him: It seems like we're not here, we're in another world.

Hypnotist: What can you see?

Him: I'm always helping him. (Turns to his father) I'll help you change, don't worry, take it slowly.

Hypnotist: Why are you always helping him?

Him: He can't change.

Hypnotist: What are you to him?

Him: He is related to me. (Continues to talk to dad) I want to help you. I have to help you. Why don't you go towards the light? Let me guide you.

Hypnotherapist: Are you his teacher?

Him: I'm an adult. He is a child.

Hypnotherapist: Did you two choose to be together for him?

Him: I have to help him. No one else wants him.

Hypnotherapist: Why do you want to help him?

Him: To me, he is like a child.

Hypnotherapist: You have a strong determination.

Him: Yes. (Turns to dad) You have too many bad habits. I don't know why you're so bad... (Turns back to the hypnotherapist) We are talking in another world.

Hypnotherapist: Okay, what is the other world like?

Him: It's very peaceful here... He's my dad. In another world, he's just a child... I feel like I have too much heart but not enough strength... I... seem like a woman, like a teacher. I like this kind of dress.

Hypnotherapist: What kind of dress?

Him: Like a fairy, wearing clothes that look like gauze... a long skirt... (Turns to dad again) Why do you never grow up and always act like a child? How many people do you still want to harm?

No matter what I ask, he keeps persuading his dad like he's worried and concerned. During the conversation, dad starts to change:

Dad: I don't want to be like this either. I can't control myself. I have random thoughts.

Him: Don't think too much. We are good friends. Just don't think too much, and I will help you solve your problem of random thoughts.

Dad: Sigh... I can't change it. It's hard to change.

Him: I have confidence in helping you change.

He finally sees the connection between him, his wife, and his daughter, and has a conversation with his daughter across time and space:

Hypnotherapist: What's it like for you guys now?

Him: We are carefree together and crazy all day.

Hypnotherapist: You seem very happy!

Him: I don't like to think too much. This world doesn't need you to think too much. This world is already happy. The less desire you have, the happier you will be. Why bother? Plain and simple is the truth. Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. You don't need to worry too much about them. (Observe) ... My daughter is a powerful person. She's still my teacher... My daughter gives us love and helps us. She's here to help us. I am grateful to her. Daughter, you are great. You always move us to tears. (Crying)... You are too great, you are too great. I shouldn't have made you sad. You have to persist.

Daughter: I've gotten used to it. As long as you don't force me, it's fine.

Him: Did I force you to do anything?

Daughter: Finance, exams... You're shallow, you haven't figured it out yet, you're always confused, and you go criticize others... (He raises his voice to scold himself, imitating his daughter's tone and demeanor of speech, so lifelike that it's amusing. After hypnosis, he tells me that it was his daughter talking, just borrowing his body.)

Daughter: Every step I take, I know what to do. Don't bother me. You like to worry and overthink things. It's a bad habit. You should focus on managing yourself. Children and grandchildren will have their own blessings. You don't need to think so much. You're not great, you're just being overly sentimental. You know that, right?

He: How should I move forward?

Daughter: Move however you want.

He: I feel very bitter. I've been bitter for many lives, and this life is bitter too. I don't know why.

Aside from this life and the previous one we just looked at, he felt that he had experienced many difficult lives, and he had a hard time accepting this arrangement. Just as he was confused, another person appeared in the scene. The newcomer was an elderly man dressed in white, with a graceful demeanor and white hair. He began to speak:

Elderly man: You're going through all of this for the sake of your spiritual cultivation.

You're making yourself suffer unnecessarily. Is it necessary to always be in such pain? Spiritual cultivation is something that takes time. It may not be accomplished in one or even two lifetimes, but it will eventually be achieved in some lifetime. You're just too impatient.

Hypnotist: What happens if someone chooses a life full of suffering?

He (interrupting): I don't want to be reborn. Being reborn is too troublesome.

Elderly man: You have to be reborn. You still have a lot of homework to do.

He: What homework do I have left? (impatiently)

Elderly man: Homework is not something that can be easily done. You have to slowly come to understand it. When you finally understand it one day, you won't need to be reborn anymore. You can go to another world and do more important things.

He: When will it all end? I don't want to be reborn anymore. It's too bitter. (He cried again, feeling overwhelmed by the suffering he has experienced through many lifetimes.) I can't take it anymore. (Crying)

Elderly man: In your next life, you can choose to live in a world that is a bit easier. If you always live in such bitterness, you'll be depressed and won't be able to bear it. You need to slow down now. You can't continue like this.

Hypnotist: Excuse me, who is the person speaking to us?

Upon hearing my question, he focused and observed for a moment, then smiled knowingly and confidently told me that the elder was his cousin in this lifetime! In this life, they are close to each other, appreciate each other, and have a good relationship. He said that in another world, his cousin was his teacher. The following is part of the conversation among the three present: him, his cousin, and the hypnotist:

Him: My cousin was willing to help me with my homework when I was little. No wonder I feel close to him every time I see him. He turned out to be my teacher. Cousin: Don't rush, wisdom is not something that can be achieved in one or two days or even one or two lifetimes. I also took many lifetimes to achieve this.

Hypnotist: Is your cousin a very wise person?

Cousin: Haha, you flatter me. I'm just okay.

Him: I admired him when I was young. He was knowledgeable.

Hypnotist: Is your cousin the same as he is now?

Him: Like an ancient person. He said I have too much pressure because I am too eager to grow and can't bear to add so much burden to myself. I want to grow, I don't want to reincarnate, I want to grow. Hypnotist: Do you want to accelerate this process?

Cousin: Yes, but his abilities have not yet reached that level. He needs to take it slowly. Look at me, I lost my father when I was young, and my adoptive father was not good to me either. I gritted my teeth and survived. It's not easy for me either. My ability to withstand pressure was not formed overnight. It took many lifetimes to become like this. It's a good thing to want to grow, don't rush, don't rush, it can't be rushed. You must learn to go with the flow.

Him: My cousin knows that my father hasn't changed much. He's afraid that I won't be able to handle it in this lifetime, so he came to help me relieve some of the pressure. I told him a lot about my father, which I don't tell anyone else. He always understands... Cousin, thank you, thank you (cries again)...I can't hold on without you...He's too difficult to manage, too stubborn, and I can't teach him. I'm afraid to communicate with him now...I don't know when he will change, I'm disappointed in him.

Cousin: Take it slow, even if it's difficult, you still have to change.

Hypnotist: Helping him is not something you can do, right?

Cousin: His current level cannot be helped.

Hypnotist: Why did the flood happen?

Cousin: Everything is for the experience. He needs to experience this kind of training. How do you know the sweetness of things without experiencing bitterness? He has to endure the pain himself, and he always wants to increase the difficulty.

Hypnotist: Why did you show him this scene?

Cousin: I hope he won't be too eager in the future and can have a lighter life in the next life. Don't dwell on your father's situation, he will solve it himself. Don't help him, you can't help him, you will only get trapped in it. Your wife can't help him either, she was driven insane by him in a past life, and she even wanted to kill him.

The cousin came and went a few times. It seems that this is the best arrangement for this hypnosis session:

Hypnotist: He wants to know why there are good and evil people, and gentlemen and villains.

Cousin: He asks these questions all day long. He already knows the answer but still wants to ask. He is pretending to be confused on purpose. A person's level is determined by their cultivation. We are all created by the origin. He wants to experience life, and what he is doing is not bad. He does it so that everyone can experience love and kindness. He has good intentions. The greatness of the origin is not what you imagine. Just live well in the present. Don't ask so many questions. Live in the moment. Intelligence is determined by the physical body, not the soul. If the soul is bound by the body, it will be lost and not know the way back.

Him: Cousin is a bit old, and he has experienced many lifetimes. He has informed me that he has suffered a lot and has experienced more than me.

Cousin: Your wife is a happy little girl in another world. In this life, she is just experiencing the feeling of being spoiled in your arms. Your daughter's level is higher than yours. She grows up quickly and is disciplined. You can't even control yourself when you watch videos. You lack self-discipline. In another world, you are a happy-go-lucky person, and everyone actually likes you. There are some things you don't need to know. The third and higher dimensions are blocked. It's important to live in the present and go with the flow. You will always find a way to know what you need to know. Knowing things that you don't need to know is pointless. The personality of the physical body is often determined by the soul's personality. Occasionally, there may be some settings, but they are not necessary. Many physical bodies are the embodiment of the soul's innate nature. Don't get stuck on how many lifetimes you've had. The key is that you have made progress every time, and it is real. Pay attention to that. Washing dishes and pots, contributing to the family, and even sweeping the floor are all meaningful. Relationships between people are expressed through actions.

The cousin also helped him review the reason why the birthmark on his stomach formed, answered his curious questions about the universe, patiently resolved his confusion, and finally, cousin said:

The third, fourth, and higher dimensions are all used for the cultivation, to have firm character, perseverance, kindness, love, and other qualities. A mature soul needs to possess many different qualities. It's not that simple, and it can't be developed in just one lifetime. Take it slow:

Follow your inner thoughts, especially in terms of character, morality, and ethics. Develop in that direction, and one day, you won't need to come back again. Take it slow, don't think too much, live in the moment, and do things from the heart.

Your personality has been very resilient before, but it's been a bit too much. You don't need to be so tough. Share with your family and make some changes.

Taking advantage of this role, let's change our personality and integrate it. This lifetime is about changing oneself through one's father and refining one's character. At this point, the contents of the subconscious classroom have completed the puzzle: For his wife, he undertakes the task of helping his father (soul); Eager to grow, he always chooses more difficult tasks; "Perseverance" is an excellent quality, but it should not be too much; All difficulties could originally contribute to his character; All people around him could originally help him improve. Guided by his subconscious, he has gradually unlocked the code of his life and opened up his inner channels.

The recap

Upon waking up, the first thing he said was, "It's amazing, I remember everything, and I experienced everything I wanted to today." He said that during the hypnosis process, he felt the true meaning of the body being a vehicle when each character spoke.

The next morning, he listened to the entire process again and sent me more feedback. He said that when his daughter was younger, he was always afraid she would drown, so he taught her how to swim to feel at ease. Now he knows there was a reason behind it.

He felt that some heavy burden inside him had been released, and he felt lighter. When he went home to visit his parents that day, he saw his father again and felt more forgiving and accepting towards him. He had never felt this way before in the past decades.

A month later, he sent me another message saying that he and his father were having dumplings together, and his father asked him if he had enough and offered to share his own bowl with him. His first reaction was confusion, then curiosity, and finally, he became somewhat emotional. For decades, his father had only looked out for himself and had never acted this way before.

Final Words

Imagining things as real can cause unnecessary conflicts in life, which is very common and worth paying attention to. If you question hypnosis, I agree with your thinking. If you can't understand it, you can also see hypnosis as simply a conscious activity or daydream, but one that can help people overcome their mental and emotional challenges and move towards a more positive and optimistic state of mind. I believe you would also appreciate that, whether it's real or not, it can be used in daily life.

I previously wrote an article about domestic violence and abuse. Some readers who have experienced similar situations have reached out to me, sharing their stories. Nobody wants to experience such things, even the protagonist of this story. Hypnosis helped him release emotional baggage from his soul, which is beneficial for his physical and mental health and for breaking through his developmental hurdles. However, events and injuries cannot be erased.

Good and evil are just a thought away. If you are a soul eager for improvement, cherish your good thoughts and be cautious with your evil thoughts. No matter what you encounter, be like a helmsman and guide your own ship to find your way. Only by moving towards the sun can you become light.

If the ultimate answer is beyond our understanding, let's take it one step at a time.

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