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Case Study-The Thousand-Year Love of the Lonely Princess

Z is a tall and sporty-looking short-haired girl who gives off the impression of an athlete. Z is facing a perplexing issue: she can't accurately perceive the emotions of people around her. In daily life, this often manifests as inadvertently offending others with her words, making them feel extremely uncomfortable, while she remains unaware. This situation has left her deeply puzzled.

She became aware of her perception issues during interactions with her ex-boyfriend, G. They had been in a long-term relationship, even discussing marriage, but Z couldn't tolerate G's nights away from home, leading to their breakup. After the breakup, Z fell into deep anguish and tried various forms of counseling and spiritual methods. Finally, one of my articles caught her attention, prompting her to seek help. Z is a master's student in design, possessing strong logical and analytical thinking skills. She had once planned to study abroad but gave up due to her boyfriend's opposition.

During the hypnosis session, Z displayed an astonishing ability. Within the first hour, she recalled at least ten past lives. Her descriptions of each past life were incredibly detailed, including the clothing of the people and architectural details. Despite her perception issues in real life, during the regression process, she could feel the emotions of people, animals, or scenes that she wanted to experience. This revealed a profound truth: the essence of a person is an all-encompassing awareness.

In one of her past lives, Z was a princess in medieval times, residing in a secluded European-style castle with her father and a few servants. Her father was extremely strict, telling her that the outside world was very dangerous, and he kept her confined in the castle for her safety. Nevertheless, she still yearned to explore the outside world. One day, the princess managed to escape from the castle and ventured to a nearby village, where she met a young merchant. This merchant turned out to be the past life of G. He told her extensively about the outside world, captivating the princess with his words. However, she was soon discovered by her father and brought back to the castle, where she was kept under strict surveillance. From then on, the young man frequently visited the village, hoping for another "chance encounter" with the princess. But the princess never escaped the castle again and passed away at a young age. The young merchant, who had glimpsed her only once, remained unmarried and lived a solitary life.

In another past life, Z finally freed from the confines of the castle and became a female race car driver, enjoying the thrill of speed and excitement. One of her admirers in this lifetime was G, who had been a restaurant owner. His restaurant was adorned with posters and photographs of the female race car driver. However, G, plagued by insecurity, never mustered the courage to pursue the race car driver. He lived a lonely life, finding joy only in reading reports about the female race car driver.

Z also regressed to one of G's past lives, where he was a sailor on a pirate ship. Every day, this sailor endured the loud and abusive shouts of the pirate captain, which made him deeply miserable. Eventually, he left the pirate ship and lived in seclusion on a deserted island, making a living by fishing. Despite the simplicity of his life, he still couldn't find what he had been searching for throughout his existence. In this past life, he ultimately passed away on a drifting small boat, continuing its unfinished journey across the vast sea.

In yet another past life, G was a janitor at a seaside resort. While working, he often heard the sounds of guests playing pool, and he greatly admired it, yearning for it. During his breaks, he would play a bit of pool himself. This hobby and habit from a previous life carried over to the G in Z's current life, leading to his obsession with playing pool and his tendency to stay out late. This also contributed to the conflicts and issues between Z and G.

Z's subconscious revealed the root cause of her perception issues: she had often lived in isolation in past lives, much like the imprisoned medieval princess. Her relationship with her mother was also marked by estrangement and opposition. Her subconscious also showed her the actions she needed to take to overcome this barrier, including increasing physical contact with her family, giving small gifts, and engaging in warm communication.

In G's past lives, he often experienced a life of solitude, accustomed to an unrestrained and carefree lifestyle. This life experience made him particularly averse to being controlled in his current life. Conversely, Z grew up in a family that placed great emphasis on rules and order. Her mother had strict regulations regarding the daily routines of the entire family, leading to a very orderly and disciplined household life.

Z, having grown up in such a family environment, unconsciously imposed similar rules on G. This behavior conflicted with G’s personality and habits, leading to disagreements and dissatisfaction between them. The differences in their family backgrounds and personal habits became a significant obstacle in their relationship.

Regarding the future development of their relationship, the subconscious presented a hopeful image: the two sitting together in a convertible on a beach, nestled close to each other. This image suggests that despite their differences and challenges, as long as they can open up to each other and engage in thorough communication, there is still potential for their relationship to heal and grow.

During Z's subconscious therapy, an incident occurred. She suddenly felt tense throughout her body, as if being oppressed. This experience reminded her of childhood nightmares. I used subconscious commands to help Z alleviate her unease and fear. Z explained that her subconscious was helping her release the residual energy of childhood terrors and teaching her how to clear the negative accumulations in her mind and body. Afterward, her subconscious guided her through multiple layers of curtains, finally standing on a stage, where she saw her bright, joyful, and pure image in a mirror, as if she were reborn.

The case spans from the medieval era to the present, crossing countless millennia. However, in reality, only a few hours have passed. Life truly is like a dream, with time flying by and the world changing. Cherish the relationships and people around you, for we do not know where they originally came from, whether it was a chance glance or a silent promise. But in the end, they will all arrive where they want to go: to hold hands and be grateful. Life is uncertain, but love endures forever.

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