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Preparation for QHHT Hypnosis Session:

A QHHT hypnosis session includes three elements: consultation, hypnosis, and follow-up. The whole process usually takes about 4-6 hours, and some cases may take longer, so it is recommended to set aside a whole day for the session. You deserve to have a day to explore and sort out your life!

Once you decide to do QHHT hypnosis and make an appointment, the energy of your subconscious (Higher Self/Supraconsciousness) begins to operate. If you observe and feel careful, you may notice some changes starting to happen. Please note that each person is different, and the changes that occur are also different. Some people may experience changes in bodily sensations, such as feeling heat, getting goosebumps, or feeling tingling sensations like an electric current passing through. Emotional states may become more relaxed or more volatile, conflicts with certain people may intensify or ease, and so on.

But no matter what changes occur, they are preparing you for QHHT hypnosis. You can record these changes, not only to enhance your awareness of "sensation," but also to tell me about the changes you have observed, and I may give you some interesting explanations.

After making an appointment, the preparations you need to do are:

  1. Review your life You can start by reviewing your childhood and exploring your life. Especially when recalling major problems or turning points in life, explore your feelings at the time. Have a dialogue with yourself because your subconscious is there, always wanting to help you. It is just that you have been busy with worldly affairs, immersed in your own problems and troubles, and have not been listening to your inner self, hearing its suggestions, and thus losing yourself. Therefore, it is time to find a time to calm down, listen to your inner self, feel it, and explore and sort out your life.

  2. Sort out the questions you want to ask Write the questions down on paper. If you don't know how to sort out the questions, you can roughly outline the questions first, such as which aspect of the problem you want to ask about. During the consultation, the hypnotherapist will help you sort out and explore your questions.

  3. Try meditation and feel your inner self We have a public welfare activity for collective meditation every Wednesday and Sunday evening. In addition to sitting in meditation, you can also lie in bed, not thinking about anything, just feeling. In addition to feeling your inner self, you can also feel everything around you, such as the big tree outside the window, the flowers and plants on the balcony, the blue sky and white clouds, the stars, the blowing wind, the air, your own breathing, and so on. You can feel anything you want to feel with your heart and feel what kind of sensation it brings you.

  4. Rest well the day before hypnosis Try to start relaxing the day before hypnosis, go to bed early at night, and prepare for hypnosis the next day. Hypnosis is not sleep, so you need to rest well the day before. On the day of hypnosis, do not drink beverages that stimulate the nervous system, such as coffee, alcohol, and strong tea.

  5. On the day of the QHHT session, it typically starts around noon, so it is recommended to eat a full meal before coming. If you have stomach issues, it is advisable to prepare snacks for the session. There are some snacks and tea available in my tea room, but it is also recommended to bring your own favorite snacks in case you get hungry during the session. If you need a full meal, we can also reserve a short time to eat a meal or order takeout.

  6. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of the QHHT session. It is not recommended to wear makeup, as some clients may cry during the interview or hypnosis.

If you are interested in hypnosis or need hypnotherapy, please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation. I am located in Fremont, Northern California, and I look forward to meeting you. My WeChat ID is Bamboo_Juice.

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