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How to prepare your hypnosis question list

First, find a quiet and safe place by yourself, turn off your phone, take a few deep breaths, and calm yourself down. Then begin to connect with your inner self and reflect on your life experiences, listing out questions based on your intuition.

This question list can cover all aspects of life:

Physical health, emotional issues, work problems, financial concerns, family issues, relationship problems, spiritual matters, and more. Any questions you want to ask or issues that trouble you can be included.

Example Questions:

Physical Health:

  • Why do I often feel aches in my lower back? Even after seeing doctors for a long time, it still hasn't improved.

  • Why do I experience severe menstrual cramps?

  • Why do I often suffer from insomnia and anxiety?

  • Why did I start having allergic reactions to seafood last year?

  • Why can't I seem to lose weight even though I exercise regularly and watch my diet?


  • Why has work not been going smoothly for me lately?

  • Should I change careers? If so, which field would be more suitable for me?

  • I don't like my current job, but I don't know what job I should do instead. Do you have any suggestions?

  • I have two job opportunities to choose from recently. Which one is more suitable for me?


  • Why do I love him so much, but it seems like he doesn't love me as much?

  • Should I continue being with him?

  • Is he my true love?

  • Will we be happy together?

  • Should I divorce him?


  • Why can't I ever seem to make money?

  • Why can't I save money?

  • I lent money to XX, but he always delays paying me back. Will he ever pay me back? When can I expect him to pay me back?

Life Purpose:

  • Why was I born into this world?

  • Why was I born into this family?

  • What is my life's purpose?

  • What is my mission?


  • When I meditate, I see or feel XXX. Why is that?

  • Which spiritual practice is suitable for me?

  • Should I follow XXX's teachings?

  • How can I maintain a connection with my subconscious (higher self)?


  • Why did I dream about XXX?

  • Before a certain relative passed away, he had something he wanted to say to me but couldn't express it. I miss him a lot. What did he want to say to me at that time? Is he doing well now?

  • I saw an angel/UFO/etc. when I was a child. Why did that happen?

  • A certain master told me XXX. Is that true?

During the consultation, the hypnotist will also discuss the questions on the question list with you, so the list you give to the hypnotist is not final, but mainly for the hypnotist to understand the questions you want to ask during the hypnosis session. During the consultation, additional questions may also be added.

Please understand that every soul is unique, and you can ask any question you want.

If you are also interested in hypnosis or need hypnosis, please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation. I am located in Fremont, Northern California, and I look forward to meeting you. My WeChat ID is Bamboo_Juice.

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