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The difference between QHHT® Quantum Hypnosis and other forms of hypnosis.

Traditional hypnosis and most past life regression hypnosis, especially those that promote self-hypnosis techniques, are conducted in the shallower alpha brainwave state.

QHHT® Quantum Hypnosis is a process of deep self-exploration conducted under the guidance of a hypnotherapist, which leads the client to the theta brainwave state (also known as the dream state).

The theta brainwave state is a deeper level of hypnosis that can potentially go beyond the interference of the client's conscious mind (or ego).

Through the process of exploring past life scenes, the client can uncover the root of their issues in their subconscious mind. Eventually, a stable connection is formed with the "subconscious" (note 2) in a higher dimension, enabling the client to interpret their problems and, in appropriate circumstances, receive healing (physical or psychological).

Note 1: Past life scenes are the most common form of regression, but there are exceptions. Note 2: In QHHT Quantum Hypnosis, the term "subconscious" refers to the superconscious or higher self, rather than the concept of the individual subconscious in psychology.

What sets Dolores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis apart from most other hypnotherapy techniques is the hypnotherapist's role. Dolores Cannon was very clear and specific in stating that the hypnotherapist is not a healer but rather an assistant.

However, being an assistant does not mean that the hypnotherapist has an easier job. On the contrary, they have a more difficult task: to give up the role of a healer or leader that their spiritual ego may crave. They cannot impose any guidance or suggestion based on their own belief system or cognition on the client beyond their role as an assistant.

They are also prohibited from directly providing answers or healing to the client, and must act as a neutral guide to help the client explore the various clues in their deep consciousness until they connect to a higher dimensional subconscious.

To be able to do this job well, the hypnotherapist needs not only advanced skills and accumulated experience, but also a great deal of patience and sense of responsibility towards the client. These conditions require the hypnotherapist to have a good personal cultivation, a consciousness that transcends judgment, and a genuine sense of responsibility for the client.

Only in this way can the hypnotherapist truly assist the client in establishing a connection with the subconscious (superconscious) that is not interfered with by their own ego. This will allow the subconscious (superconscious) to help the client in the purest and most relevant way possible, with a wisdom far greater than that of the human ego. This is the only way for the client to truly receive the purest and most relevant help and healing from the subconscious.

In fact, the hypnotherapist themselves should not be called a "channel", but rather an interface or a part of the channel that helps the client establish a connection with the high-dimensional subconscious.

This is the most fundamental and core difference between Quantum Hypnosis and other regression hypnotherapy techniques, especially those that promote "mediumship". In those techniques, most of the information and assistance come from the hypnotherapist or healer rather than the client themselves. While this may be easier for both parties, the drawbacks are very clear: this information and assistance will often be influenced or even manipulated by the healer's own ego, and may not be pure and even harmful.

On the other hand, this approach can easily make the client dependent and shirk responsibility onto others or things, or even generate fear and confusion under incorrect information. This is far from a solution to the fundamental problem or the true purpose of spiritual growth.

Each step of Quantum Hypnosis has been refined and summarized through years of practice by Dolores Cannon. It is not mysterious or unnecessarily complicated, with no extraneous steps or lengthy rituals that are common in traditional hypnosis techniques.

It is precisely because of this simplicity that makes it very effective, as it comes from years of refinement and pure consciousness. Quantum Hypnosis does not require any tricks or decorations of the ego, it is pure, practical, and very powerful when used correctly.

True Quantum Hypnosis goes straight to the core of the problem, but the energy of the subconscious always carries a pure frequency of love, without exception. If you encounter a confusing or even frightening Quantum Hypnosis session, it is definitely not pure Quantum Hypnosis, but rather a result of an operator who is not fully competent and has mixed in too many spiritual tricks.

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