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What may happen to me when I am hypnotized?

Step 1: Pre-hypnosis interview - opening up and relaxing.

The first step in hypnosis requires a 3-5 hour face-to-face conversation between you and your hypnotist to ensure that you are in a good mental state and meeting with your past self. After you have established trust and an open relationship with your hypnotist, you will realize that you are ready. Although you are still alert and not in a hypnotic state, hypnosis has already begun to take effect. When you lie down to enter the formal hypnotic process, the hypnotist will use a very soothing tone to speak to you, allowing you to relax and soon enter a hypnotic state. We understand that for many people, being hypnotized is not a well-understood feeling, or many understandings come from movies and TV. Some may feel nervous or at a loss as a result. Try to relax, trust your quantum hypnosis operator, and focus your attention on creating or feeling the words and images they tell you. They may describe beautiful scenes and encourage you to release the tension that remains in your body. Soon, you will start allowing yourself to enter into a hypnotic state. Once in this hypnotic state, you will be open to various incredible forms of communication.

Step Two: Enter Hypnotic State - Meeting Your Past Self

It is especially important to remember that quantum hypnosis regression techniques are not the same as seeing a channeler or fortune teller. Your hypnotist will help you uncover memories that belong to you, and in some cases, even help you meet the characters that have influenced and shaped your life.

You may not realize your high level of participation in the process, but trust us when we tell you that even in a hypnotic state, in the regression process, you will be a very active participant. The hypnotist will allow you to explore any feelings or sensations you may feel. In most cases, these feelings want to be attended to and will make every effort to be attended to. This also means that when you are hypnotized, feelings will "try to express themselves."

So, if you physically feel very strong feelings, tastes, smell, or any other type of signals, please tell your hypnotist. They will understand what you are experiencing by asking questions.

Step 3: Enter the regression stage - confront the past

A common misconception about the quantum hypnosis regression technique is that it is inherently sad and gloomy, and only deals with past experiences. Of course, you will experience some unpleasant emotions and uncover some difficult experiences, especially if you are seeking treatment for emotional issues. But you should also understand that during the hypnosis process, you will also feel joy, peace, and even profound states of enlightenment.

If or when those tougher feelings surface—and they likely will—your hypnotist will talk with you and guide you through them. In some cases, you will need to confront those fears. Although this may take courage, it will lead you down the path of healing that you seek.

Overall, the entire process of quantum hypnosis can last anywhere from four to six hours or more. You may also find that you can get all the answers to the problems you need to solve in one hypnosis session.

Step 4: Ending Hypnosis - Reflection and Conclusion

Just as they guide you through the entire hypnosis process, your quantum hypnotist will also guide you out of hypnosis in a gentle and safe way. They usually do this by counting and patiently guiding you back to the waking world, so that you can gradually return to a normal state of consciousness.

Please note that after hypnosis you may experience a variety of emotional fluctuations. You may feel a strong and immediate sense of relief, you may find yourself wanting to cry, or you may feel tired or joyful.

This is completely normal – this is also another part of the hypnosis process.

Usually, after hypnosis, the quantum hypnotist will spend some time talking with you. You will review the images that appeared in hypnosis, discuss any unanswered questions, and more gains, and so on. Because you are in a more formal counseling process than usual, after hypnosis, you will also be able to freely explore your feelings and anything you want to discuss!

Remember to write a diary after hypnosis. This helps you record everything you have learned and any additional things that may appear in your dreams.

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